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.kisses urinal

.a sexy urinal
The Kisses urinal is a unique piece of art for a friendly price. Kisses will spice up the toilet in your club, bar, restaurant, hotel and/or home. This lips urinal was designed in 2000 by Dutch designer Meike van Schijndel and has become famous around the world. It was also featured on CNN, in the movie Rock of Ages (starring Tom Cruise) and in Storage Wars. When you install the Kisses urinal you will be sure to have a much talked about restroom!

Kisses is -just like your regular toilet- made from porcelain and therefor easy to clean. We can have the Kisses urinal delivered to your door (worldwide) within one week after receipt of payment. To make the installation easy we offer a worldwide connection kit in our web-shop.

Get your Kisses now and be the talk of the town!

Please Note:
You will most probably have to pay import duties and local taxes. These are NOT included in the prices of Bathroom Mania! Check with your local customs office to get an indication of the costs you can expect.

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.product info

material          vitreous china (porcelain)
colour              red (RAL 3002) with pink inside and white teeth
dimensions     ± 380 x 425 x 590mm (wxdxh)
water inlet       ø 35mm    
water outlet     ø 50mm

weight              ± 25 kg

Kisses is available as a top-inlet and back-inlet.
Which urinal you have to order depends on the flush system you want to use. As some counties have strict rules and regulations for flush units, we recommend to buy your flush system locally.

The difference is the positioning of the water inlet opening; on the back (concealed) or on the top (exposed). 

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.installing a Kisses urinal
The Kisses urinal is designed accordance to European standards and specifications (NEN-EN 80 [Aug. 2001] en NEN-EN 13407 [Feb. 1999]) but it can be installed Worldwide. Special adaption hardware should be ordered with the urinal. You will need to buy a flush unit which applies to the rules and regulations of your country.

We recommend to buy your flush system locally and have the Kisses urinal installed by a qualified specialist. Download our (basic) installation instructions, but note that these only specify how to mount the urinal to the wall, the instructions do not specify how to fit the flush and outlet to your piping systems since these depend on your location and the flush you chose to use. The flush hardware will contain instructions on how to connect it.

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Meike van Schijndel

"The Bathroom Mania! series was my final project in 2000 at the Utrecht School of Arts (KHU), major Illustration. My father (who was an architect and designer) passed away in September 1999, at the beginning of my final year. This made me want to combine the design world I grew up with, with my studies in illustration.

The bathroom in the year 2000 was no longer a purely functional space and that’s why I wanted to introduce color and imagination into these overall white bathrooms. The Bathroom Mania designs create a fantasy world in the bathroom: flowery freshness with the flowerpot-toilet ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ (water daily!); a refreshing shower in the beach-hut shower ‘Summertime’; drifting off into tropical relaxation in the hammock bath ‘Splish Splash’ and a touch of sensuality with the urinal ‘Kisses’. Kisses was the last design of the series and the only product that is currently in production."

.what were you thinking?

"There have been a lot of discussions about this urinal. Kisses is made as an art-piece with a wink to reality. The thought that this urinal only represents a man wanting to pee into a woman's mouth never occurred to me. Call me naïve, but to me, Kisses is nothing more than a cartoonist mouth; the red lips are the metaphor for sensuality.

The truth lies in the eyes of the beholder. I personally don’t see any harm in the design, however I do realize that some people find it offensive and may link it to much larger issues. Obviously it’s a discussion that will never end. Personally I rather spend my time doing positive things to make this world a better place."

Meike van Schijndel (Yes, I am a woman!)

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