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Bathroom Mania's Coffee+table by Meike van Schijndel
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The Coffee+Table is a contemporary design made with historic memorabilia.

Coffee+Table is handmade and can be ordered in different colors and sizes. The suspense between the lines of the flower in the glass top and the original old-fashioned coffee cups with their unique design, make this coffee table a memorable piece of furniture!

Designer Meike van Schijndel found the inspiration for Coffee+Table from the cups she found when cleaning up her Grandma's china cabinet. What started as a pun (Coffee+Table) resulted in a cocky
design, which is characteristic of Meike's work.

Please send us an
email to with the desired dimensions and color, so we can make you a custom offer.

Sunday afternoons
at grandma's
Anker 1

.product info

• each table will be handmade upon request
• size is variable
• made from glass and steel and porcelain
• handmade in The Netherlands
• engraved flower is hand filled with gold leaf

• you can bring us your grandmothers coffee cups!

Anker 2
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